Welcome GIBRALDRONE AIR ACADEMY, our drone pilot academy!

Here, at GIBRALDRONE AIR ACADEMY, you will be able to train with us and you will obtain the necessary knowledge that will help you obtain what you always wanted, to be a drone pilot!


We explain it to you very quickly. The air regulations on RPAS / UAS have changed since 1 January 2021, and there is now a common European Regulation. In order to comply with this regulation, AESA requires a series of official training courses that grant certification at different levels and categories within the framework of the new European Regulation (EASA).

This new European UAS Regulation changes completely, being necessary that practically all pilots with drones over 250 gr have to be trained in one of the levels depending on the type of drone and the operations to be performed with it.

If you want to know more about the courses you will need as a pilot or the training you will have to do depending on the scenarios and categories in which you want to fly, call us because, although some of them can be done directly online at the AESA headquarters as the A1/A3, or the A2 preparing it on your own, we recommend that you train properly in a professional environment, especially if you want to become a professional drone pilot with access to the world of work.

More information regarding the new training will be published shortly, stay tuned or contact us using our contact form.